There are many ways to make your sex life better, but a lot of women think that these ways include things like pills and creams. While these do in fact work, and work well, หี there are some things you can do by yourself to make your sex life better for you and your partner.

Over time and with lowered fitness, women can find that the muscles of their vagina weaken and loosen. Childbirth can also cause a widening of vagina walls and make them weak. And of course, a highly active sex life will do this too! The looser walls lead to a decreased sensation in sex and can make it harder to orgasm or even enjoy sex as much as you used to. It’s also a little harder for your partner to enjoy it because looser walls means that there’s less friction and thus less feeling. Strengthening your vagina muscles and walls is a good way to enhance your sex life without spending any money and only spending a bit of time a day.

The best way to strengthen your vagina walls is through Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are exercises that force you to contract and relax the muscles in the walls of your vagina. They are recommended before and after childbirth in particular because stronger walls will make it easier to give birth and easier to bounce back to your sex life. However, Kegel exercises are also very beneficial if you have been very active in your sex life or very inactive in the rest of your life! They are also easy to do; you can do them at any time in your day; all you have to do is tighten your vagina, hold it for about five seconds, release and then repeat.

Doing Kegel exercises can do some great stuff for your sex life. Having more control over your vaginal walls lets you squeeze your partner in ways he’ll never imagine and a tighter vagina creates more friction and thus more sensation for both of you. Some of the more dedicated women to these exercises can manipulate parts of their muscles to squeeze parts of their partner and really blow their minds! However, the main goal is to tighten and firm up your vagina walls so that you have more control when you are having sex and so that you get better sensation.