With the advancement of technology, the steel roofing manufacturers have come up with certain specific processes where the surface of the steel is treated and layered so as to eliminate the usual polish of the steel. Thus even on close scrutiny it becomes difficult to find out the real steel from a replicate one. Steel shingles are generally huge, quantifying a size of 4′ X 4′. These are ideally meant for fast quick and simple installation. Because of limited demand of steel shingles, smaller individual sizes are hard to find. Several home owners like the that roofing better than natural shakes of wood mostly because steel is the cheapest of all materials and for its striking feature. It is best suited for those proprietors who have to restore a whole roof steel roofing

Steel is remarkably lighter than other roofing substances similar to tiles or slates. It weighs 1.5 pounds per square foot as against 7.5 pounds of tile and 9 pounds of slate. Certain cases allow direct reinforcement of these roofs over the existing formation enabling the roof to hold any additional load. Steel stands as a soaring fire resistant material. It takes the position of the advanced A-Class fire defiant material if particularly placed above the true and precise underlayment. Consequently, steel is the finest choice for the landlords who want to experience a greater deal of peace.

Steel roofs are usually outsized. As discussed earlier, at certain occasions, steel roofs are directly installed over the existing shingle. However, the rather familiar view of steel shingles is to be seen affixed directly on the roof once the previous roofing set up is detached and the surface is cleaned meticulously. Apart from being reasonably priced and easy to fasten, steel roofing doesn’t call for much attention as far as maintenance is concerned. The immaculate and fresh look is easily maintained over years.

While we have highlighted the advantages of steel roofing in the above stanzas, let us take a look at its drawbacks. Steel, too, undergoes rust and corrosion if unattended for a long time. To resolve this worry, the makers of steel roofs have come up with special coating, which is a kind of colored plastic coating just to harmonize the wants of all house owners. Thus, steel roofing that has been conducted by a protective rustproof coating serves the consumer for a very long time.