While masturbation is an activity frequently performed in a fairly “private” situation, เย็ด that has changed somewhat in recent years. More and more people engage in masturbation online with another person, and many others also post pictures or videos of themselves engaging in self-fondling activities. Yet despite this greater “sharing” of masturbation experiences, many people find it difficult to engage in a mutual masturbation session with their partners. Those who are interested but hesitant may want to reconsider; in addition to basic penis health benefits from masturbation in general, many couples find that mutual masturbation sessions can be of great value.

True, it can be daunting to bring up the subject of masturbating with a partner, especially for a man. Many men – even those who masturbate with considerable frequency – feel that self-gratifying is not “manly” or worry that it may make them appear weak. But overcoming such worries and broaching the subject with a partner can often open new doors.


So what are some of the reasons a man should ask his partner to join him in some mutual self-pleasuring?

1) A couple can learn a lot. Couples often think they know everything there is to know about each other – but that’s not always the case. A guy may think he knows exactly how his partner likes to be handled, but by seeing the way she strokes, fondles and caresses herself, he may pick up a few pointers that can make their sex life even better. And the reverse is true in terms of what the woman can learn about the man.

2) Mutual masturbation demonstrates a new level of trust. If it is a challenge to bring up the topic of mutual masturbation, then actually engaging in the activity means a couple has moved on to a new level of trust. Doing something that exposes vulnerability or requires overcoming a roadblock can bring a couple even closer together than they were before. And that can have positive repercussions throughout their relationship.

3) It eases anxiety about masturbating. Many men in a relationship feel guilty that they masturbate. Performing in a solo manner for each other can help reduce those feelings.

4) Communication lines can be opened. Often masturbating with another person can open up new lines of communication – about sex, but also about other things. A discussion about why they stroked themselves in a particular way, for example, may lead to a story from their past that they’ve never shared before.

5) Definitions of sex can expand. Penetrative and oral sex are tremendously satisfying experiences – but there are times when one or both partners may not be in the appropriate frame of mind for these activities. Mutual masturbation can be a way of satisfying desires in a different way.

Not every person may want to masturbate with their partner, but those who are interested in this should think about bringing it up. If a guy knows 100% that his partner would frown on this activity, he should let it go. But if he is unsure, then bringing it up may be worth his while. Both may benefit from this step.