A website is an integral part of your business in much the same way as your staff, vehicles, or equipment. Staff can fall ill, vans can break down, and equipment can wear out. Your website however, soldiers on providing a consistent and reliable service to your business. Consider the following five reasons why your website is your best employee and you will understand that commissioning its creation is the best decision you can make today. Kroger Express HR kroger hr express login

It is reliable

As above, you can often be let down by staff, vehicles, and equipment when trying to run your business. A properly hosted website, on the other hand, can enjoy 99.9% uptime and is constantly available 24/7/365 all around the world to represent your business.

It is consistent

All salespeople have good and bad days; it is only human. Conversely, a website is ultra-consistent and can be tweaked and adjusted until it achieves the highest possible conversion of visits to sales or enquiries. Tools such as Google Analytics allow webmasters to monitor visitor behaviour in great detail to determine how they enter the site and – crucially – how and when they leave. Small adjustments may be all that is required to cajole a higher proportion of visitors into taking the positive action you desire.

It doesn’t ask for a raise

Motoring and staffing costs are nearly always on the rise and cut into the profit margins of all businesses. Website costs remain relatively static over time, and, with more and more demand increasing the competition, we have seen a significant reduction in hosting and domain registration costs in recent years. Moreover, powerful new software that expedites the web building process allows web developers to work more efficiently and charge less.

It is automated

Through your website, you can automate entire tasks or processes that previously would have been undertaken manually. Email auto-responders can deal with basic enquiries and keep customers fully informed at every stage of a process. A good FAQ may well answer a question that otherwise would have been asked of a busy member of staff. A website can handle an entire sales process leaving the business with little to do beyond popping a product in a box and sending it to the customer. The website can handle everything – marketing, the sale, payment, shipping information, order tracking…the list goes on.